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"Welcome to the Oldjets online magazine. My name is Jan Koppen, and I am the moderator of this site. I'm an  aviation-enthusiast since 1974. During those days, these first generation turbojet powered airliners ruled the skies!




I am working in the Air Cargo industry, at Amsterdam Schiphol International airport since 1985  and have seen many aircraft types and cargo operators, come and go! The days of ear splitting engine noise and trailing black exhaust smoke are sadly long gone.

Magnificent airliners such as Boeing 707s, 727s, 737-200s, 747-Classics, Douglas DC8s, DC9s, DC10s, Convair880/990, Lockheed Tristars, Airbus A300s, BAC One-Elevens, Tridents, Vickers VC-10s, Fokker F28/F100s, Sud-Aviation SE210s, Dassault Mercures, VFW614s, Tupolevs 134/154Ms, Anotonov 124s, IL62s, but also first generation Boeing 757/767s etc. have already vanished, or are slowly disappearing from the skies.


For who?

This Oldjets internet website/magazine is the place for admirers or keen observers of these elegant swept-wing airliners. This website will be paying tribute to these fine American, British and Russian exotic aircraft designs.

I would like to feature my private photo collection and articles, but at the same time, I would like to invite you to submit your articles, trip-reports and pictures, which will be features on this site.

You do not have to be a professional journalist, to have your article featured here, I only ask that it is well written and of interest to our worldwide audience. An article can be about:

· Flying experience

· Accident/incidents

· Trip Reports


Submit your article

Sounds interesting? Please submit your article and photos to illustrate your article. I will take care of the lay-out and other web related issues.

Please send a short mail to info(at)oldjets.net, describing the subject you would like to write about. Once you’ve received a confirmation that the subject is okay, you can start sending the article and pictures. 


I look forward to hearing from you!


Best regards,

Jan Koppen




This site is dedicated in memory of Ber Beentjes, who died far too young. Ber, who has been working for Fokker and Airbus Industries,  has always been a fervid VFW-614  fan.


Photo: Ber (left) and myself in the cockpit of the ATTAS research VFW-614 D-ADAM, during the Hamburg airshow in September, 2007.


Last update: 19 September 2015



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