Bogota the last 727 stronghold

By Jan Koppen

Photos: Micheal Prophet

Bogota El Dorado is the last Boeing 727 stronghold in the world. Enjoy the pics and article. 



By Mike Zoeller

Mike is explaining the rise and fall an American Boeing 720 operatior named AeroAmerica which had its base at Berlin Tegel airport 40 years ago.


Good guys who had gone bad

By Mike Zoeller

International airports in the 1960s and early 1970s were home to array of gleaming early-model Boeing 707s and 720s operated by the likes of Pan Am, TWA, Lufthansa and United.

By the mid 1970s many of these aircraft had migrated to secondary carriers, cargo or charter outfits, perhaps no longer working out of a city’s principal airport but still plying the skies and making a profit for the ‘planes owners.

Towards the latter part of the 1970s newer types were being introduced, fuel prices had increased and the proud birds were being retired and offered for sale. Some soldiered on carrying passengers and cargo on a regular basis till time, literally, ran out. A handful of others ended their days flying for some less than respectable owners to locations where no questions would be asked as to the aircraft’s visit or for whom it was flying.


Perfect Air Tours

By Mike Zoeller

“Two of their 707s were an almost permanent fixture at Stansted in the mid to late 1970s. I can still remember their red tails shimmering in the heat haze in 1976. To me they were Stansted”.


The rise and fall of Aeropa

By Mike Zoeller

Mike is explaining the rise and fall an Italian Boeing 707 charter outfit named Aeropa and was criss-crossing the European skies some 40 years ago.


Working the Hadj on a Tristar

By Michael McCook

Michael McCook was a Flight Engineer for Tradewinds Airlines for a few years. The following is his story about his adventures with Lockheed Tristar 3D-NEC.


Zorg & Hoop

By Jan Koppen

Paramaribo’s City Airport.


Surinam Sky Farmers

By Jan Koppen

Schweizer Ag-Cat operation in Surinam.


Remembering the SLM DC-8 crash

By Jan Koppen

25 years ago Surinam Airways DC-8-62H N1809E crashed near   Zanderij, Parimaribo, Surinam.


Boeing 727 with the Colombian Air Force

By Javier Franco Topper

The Colombian Air Force is still operating the venerable Boeing 727 . Javier Franco Topper describes the history files of the individual 727s who serviced in their Air Force.


Maverick Airlines Boeing 707 operations 

By Capt. Ross Aimer

Private aviation notes from Capt. Ross ‘Rusty’ Aimer about his adventures during a flight from Moscow, Russia.


Convair 880 freighter operations from Miami in the late 70’s 

By Charles Lindberg

Private aviation notes from Charles Lindberg, Convair 880 owner/pilot.


Jet Power 707-Ops 

The final flight op N730JP

By Charles Lindberg

Private aviation notes from Charles Lindberg, DC-8 and Boeing 707 owner/pilot.


Quisqueyana Airlines 

By Charles Lindberg

Private aviation notes from Charles Lindberg, DC-8 and Boeing 707 owner/pilot.


Flying Tigers DC-8 bound for Belgium 

By Guy van Herbruggen

A group of OldJets fans are trying to rescue a former Flying Tigers DC-8 flight simulator.


Caracas OldJets 

By Andre Alders

In 2012, Andre visited Caracas Maquitia airport and had the privilege to fly aboard one of the last operational Boeing 737-200’s and DC-9-30’s in the world.


Triptease Russia 

By Andre Alders

Russian OldJjets in winter weather conditions.   


Unforgettable memories, The DC-8 

By Frank Hop

Frank Hop, being an flight engineer on KLM’s DC-8-63’s recalls an interesting flight to East-Africa in the ’80s.  


Empresa National de Servicios Aeronauticos 

By Jan Koppen

In February 2014, during a holiday in Cuba, I paid a visit to the maintenance base of ENSA at Santa Fe, some 20 km west of La Habana.


Aviation monuments in Cuba 

By Jan Koppen

In February 2014, I visited Cuba in search of their remaining aviation monuments.


Part-out & scrap of a Queen 

By Cees de Regt

Cees de Regt describes the part-out and scrap process of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines MD11’s which are presently phased out of the fleet.


Ontario Bush plane trail 2013 

By Jan Koppen

In June 2013, fellow round engine enthusiast, Servaas Verbrugge and I went to Ontario, Canada in search of working bush planes.


Mexican Pocket Rockets

By Peter van Oostrum

Peter recently visited Tocula, Mexico and ran into two stored BAC ONE-Elevens Pocket Rockets.


Austral MD80 saved

By Caros Abella

Austal MD80 LV-WFN is saved by the Museo Aeronautica at Moron AirBase, Buenos Aires. Carlos Abella describes her history file.


Riding a Dutch classic in Argentinian skies

By Jan Koppen

In January 2013, I visited several airports around Buenos Aires and had the privilege to fly aboard one of the last operational Fokker F-28 Fellowship in the world.


The last flight of the VFW-614

By Micheal Prophet

In December 2012, ATTAS VFW-614 made her last flight to Munchen where she will be displayed in a museum. My friend Mr. Micheal Prophet wrote a report about this event.


Canadian Baby Boeings

Chris Mak has been visiting the Canada’s Nortwest Territories and Alaska during September 2012 and has spotted a lot of ‘baby boeings’ ! Enjoy his pics made during his tour-of-duty.


Peking Aviation museums

By Micheal Prophet.

In 2012 Micheal visited two aviation museums in Beijing. The OldJets in the museums were taken on camara and published in his report.


Part-out and Scrap

By Doug Scroggins

Doug Scroggins is both saving and scrapping out OldJets. Enjoy his pics taken at Mojave.


Saving Lima Alfa

By Guy van Herbruggen.

Guy is saving the cockpit of former Sabena DC-10-30 OO-SLA. Read his report about the scrapping at Manston and transport of the cockpit to Belgium.


Riding a classic DC-8-62 in Californian skies

By Roth Thomas.

Last month Roth Thomas boarded a ATI DC-8-62 for a ride across ‘the Golden State’.


Biman DC-10 to Chittagong

By Charles Kennedy

A couple month’s ago, my dear friend Mr. Kennedy, went to Chittagong on one of the last pax flying DC-10.


North-Korea aviation tour

By David of Juche Travel & Micheal Prophet.


Pratt & Whitney Canada’s last Boeing 720 flight

By Pierre Gillard


Almaty’s corrosion corner

By Herman ‘Skytrucker’ Reede

Herman is a man who lives most of his time inside Boeing 747-Freighters. Next to this; he may call the Kazakhstan city Almaty, almost home . His article describe the scene at Almaty’s Russian airliners scrap yard.  


Saving a Trident

By Matt Falcus

Matt and his team is saving a Trident. His article gives an insite in restoring the last example of a unique British airliner.  


Remembering the OldJets

By Esteban Stipnieks

I was a teenager aware that I was witnessing for the first time what my father had witnessed completely a couple times….a shift in equipment of the worlds airlines.


Colombian Boeing 707 history file

By Javier Franco Topper

The Colombian Air Force is operating one Boeing 707 . Javier Franco Topper describes her history file.


Colombian Fellowships still active in 2011

By Peter Gralla

The Colombian Air Force has been operating the Fokker F-28 Fellowship since 1972. Peter Gralla gives an update on the active examples of the Colombian F-28s.


OldJets Paradise Venezuela

By Michael S. Prophet

During a trip to South America (March 2006), Michael Prophet visited OldJets paradise Venezuela for a few days.


Pligrimage to Mashad

By Charles Kennedy

Last year, Charles Kennedy, went on ‘OldJets pilgrimage’ to Mashad, Iran, on board a Kazakh Ilyushin IL-62M jetliner.


Moscow airports tour — On a shoe-string budget

By Jan Koppen

In September 2009, I went to Moscow to sample some flights on the now, fast disappearing Tupolev 154’s.


Flying Classic Russian Jetliners

By Micheal S. Prophet

During August 2008, Micheal Prophet completed his first ever visit to Russia, and at the same time flew onboard two classic Russian jetliners.


Syrianair - Riding Russian Classics in Syrian Skies

By Jan Koppen

When working at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, one is always surrounded by modern jets. Once in a while, the need to fly the OldJets must be fulfilled! Nowadays the choice is limited. Fortunately, Syria, is a land still with a good number of operational second-generation jets. - February 2008. 


May-day, may-day, Trinidad approach

By Steve Kinder

On February 01, 2008, Lloyd Aero Boliviano Boeing 727-259 CP-2429, departed La Paz on a domestic service to Cobija (CIJ). Bad weather at the destination forced the crew to divert to Trinidad (TDD). Reports indicate that the crew carried out a forced landing in an Amazon jungle clearing just short of the airport, possibly as a result of fuel exhaustion. Steve Kinder kindly sent me some  photo’s of the crash-site.


Classic Jets over Iran

By Jan Koppen

For those of you who cannot make it to Iran to ride the elegant 707, before she is retired, sit back and relax, and let me help you experience a ride! - September 2006. 


Above the Bolivian Andes in a Boeing 727

By Micheal S. Prophet

In March 2005, Micheal and I went to Bolivia to ride Boeing 727’s above the Bolivian Andes.


South-African OldJets

By Micheal S. Prophet

In Febraury 2004, my good friend Micheal Prophet and I went to South-Africa in search of OldJets.


By Cedar Jet to Cyprus

By Jan Koppen

In 1995, I went to war-torn Beirut to sample a flight, on one of  MEA’s  Boeing 707’s.