The Ontario bush-plane trail

Floatplanes at work in 2013

My good friend Michael Prophet had visited the bush-plane operators of Ontario in 2009 and described this bush-plane trail in detail on his superb internet site.  In June this year, together with fellow aviation enthusiast Mr. Servaas Verbrugge, who is also a dedicated supporter of the round-engines and floatplane operations,  I decided to follow Michael’s footsteps and see these beautiful floatplanes at work.



Our plan was to do more or less the same tour as Michael did and so our itinerary included such places as Kenora, Vermillion Bay, Nestor Falls, Minaki, Red lake, Ear Falls, Sioux Lookout and Ignace. 



Kenora Air Service

River Air

Kuby’s Maintenance


River Air

Minaki maintenance

Nestor Falls

Northwest Flying Inc.

Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts

Fort Frances

Rusty Myers

Northern Wilderness Outfitters


Vermilion Bay

Wilderness Air

Ear Falls

Kay Air

Excellent Adventures


Red Lake

Chimo Air

Green Airways

Viking Outposts

Seaplane maintenance

Lac Seul Airways

Sportman’s lodge

Cochenour seaplane base

Red Lake airport

Sioux Lookout

Slate Airways

Knobb’s & Bamaji Air

Northern Airborne Maintenance

Red Hawk maintenance

Allen Airways


Ignace Airways

Northland Air Service


Riverside Aircraft Maintenance

Western Aviation Museum

Heritage Park



I would like to thank Mr. Ruud Leeuw, Micheal S. Prophet and many other bush plane enthusiasts for their editorial consultancy in preparing this lengthy trip report.


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