OldJets at Ostend airport in the late ‘90’s

Stunning video footage by Patrick Vereecke.  


A superb documentary on the fall of Aeroflot and Soviet Aviation.  

IAF Ilyushin IL-76MD crash on film

TEHRAN - The 2009 Iranian Air Force Ilyushin IL-76MD accident of 22 September 2009 resulted in the destruction of Iran's only functional AWACS, an Ilyushin IL-76MD.

Tanker en plein ciel

This french spoken film is telling the remarkable story of the pilots who bring fuel to the remote diamond mines of Angola. Tanker en plein ciel is french for flying tanker.

Scuba divers find Swiss plane

SA de Transport Aerien Flight 730, tail number HB-ICK, was a Sud Aviatin SE-210 Caravelle 10R aircraft that crashed on approach to Funchal Airport, Madeira, on December 18, 1977.

Iran Air 727 crash lands at THR

An Iran Air Boeing 727 passenger plane landed at the Mehrabad airport in Tehran last Tuesday, and there’s nothing remarkable about that. What was amazing was the fact that the pilot had lost the nose gear and had to make the landing on the rear two wheels alone.

Vintage Aviation Pictures

Visit my good friend Micheal S. Prophet’s superb site Vintage Aviation Pictures. It is the portal to Propliners, OldJets, Travel, Photography and Video.

Aviation History and Photography

My friend Ruud Leeuw his site Aviation History and Photography is aimed at individual vintage air transports, airlines and airliners. 

Lucky Tupolev 154

The interesting story about the Alrosa crash landing in mid Siberia and its recovery.……… and the video of the take-off.

A Little VC10derness

The internet site of Jelle Hieminga, dedicated to the elegant Vickers VC-10.


DC-8 Jet Collection

Welcome fellow DC-8 enthusiasts on Fred Cox DC-8 Jet Collection.

The rescue of a SAAF Boeing 707

Fortunately, the SAA  Museum Society has preserved a former SAAF Boeing 707 at their museum at Rand Airport. By John-Austin Williams.  

Classic Jet Tours

At Classic Jet Tours we understand how exciting it is to finally capture that rare, elusive aircraft type that is somehow missing from our logbooks. We specialize in organizing group charters on aircraft that would otherwise be unavailable to the public. We provide airline enthusiasts, like ourselves, opportunities to fly on vintage aircraft that have become increasingly difficult to log as they are removed from service. Our tours consist not only of the flights themselves, but also allow our customers to walk around the aircraft on the ramp, visit the cockpit, talk with the pilots, and socialize with like-minded aviation buffs.


The sinking of a Tupolev 154

LZ-BTJ was a governmental aircraft serving Bulgaria's leader during the communist regime - Todor Jivkov (BTJ - Bravo Todor Jivkov).This airplane was sunk 22 meters deep into the Black Sea as a divers attraction, about 700m off the coast of Varna. This aircraft set a world record for the biggest airframe sunk intentionally. Last flight - LZ9149 on 16.09.1999 .

OldJets pics at Khartoum

During November 2012, Mr. I8rmt has taken many pics of shady OldJets at Khartoum airport. 

OldJets pics at Kinshasa

During November 2012, Mr. I8rmt has taken many pics of shady OldJets at Kinshasa airport.

Iran Air OldJets at Work

Nice video of Iran Air OldJets at work at Mehrabad airport.